Welcome! I’m Jen Ruiz from Jen on a Jet Plane and this is where you can find all of the links to deals, job vacancies and opportunities I share on TikTok.

Note* there may be affiliate links on this page. If you use the links then you get a discount and I get a small bonus at no extra cost to you. It’s win/win! Full disclosure here.

I will keep this page updated so be sure to bookmark it and check back frequently to see what’s new.

Free Courses 

  1. 100+ free certificates from Coursera: Click through the page I linked and make sure you already created a Coursera account. A student email is not necessary, I registered through my FB account. 
  2. Google Mini Courses: If you’re interested in the Google Pathway to Jobs program, take these mini-courses to determine which track best interests/suits you.
  3. Tory Burch Foundation Webinars: Sign up for a 4-part webinar series designed to help small business owners, all free of charge. 
  4. Free Intro to Web Development Certification: Hosted by Sabio and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Includes access to live office hours twice a week with a senior instructor. Takes 1-2 months to complete.
  5. Smart from Scratch Business Course: Taught by Pat Flynn, includes 40+ free video lessons showing you how to find your winning business idea and land your first customer.
  6. Deal Flow by Foundr: Daymond John’s 3-Step System To Find & Close Any Deal: Free course consisting of 7 lessons from Shark Tank veteran.
  7. New York Times: How to Think and Write Like a Critic: Free class to help aspiring writers looking to get into reviews and media commentary
  8. Social Brilliant by the Edgar Team: Learn social media marketing free of charge
  9. Unlimited access to courses from Writer’s Digest: Includes everything you want to know about writing and publishing a book the traditional route. Use the code “WDTUTORIAL25” for one month free.

Job Opportunities 

  1. Google Pathway to Jobs Programs: You should see a blue pop-up when you clock, enter your email to be notified when the certificates are available. Register interest in UX Design, Program Management and Data Analytics certificates meant to lead to employment. 100,000 people will be awarded scholarships. The certificates take about 6 months to complete and will launch be the end of 2020. 
  2. Wonder Women Tech Summit: 4-day event that includes a virtual job fair and resume review.
  3. FlexJobs: This is a paid subscription program but well worth the investment if you’re looking for remote work. Use the code “NOMAD” for 30% off your first month! 
  4. Spotify: Hiring for remote jobs around the world, from entry level to senior positions.
  5. Twitter: Many engineering and data analyst jobs here with remote placement available. 
  6. Amazon: One of the world’s biggest companies, hiring remote positions worldwide.
  7. Ally: An online bank and investing service with remote positions, jobs vary. 
  8. UnitedHealth Group: Telecommute options ranging from remote patient monitoring to customer service representative.
  9. Dick’s Sporting Goods: Remote call agent positions available.
  10. ADT: Many sales rep and account retention specialist positions available, fully remote. 
  11. Kwalee: There are cool jobs available here like game programmer, some remote. Options worldwide from UK to India.
  12. Asurion: Remote technicians and sales reps are needed. 
  13. Study.com: Featuring remote jobs teaching different subjects around the world.
  14. Caring.com: Remote family advisor positions are being offered in response to the pandemic.
  15. Geico: Temporarily remote with  location requirement, states include Maryland, Texas, Hawaii, Georgia, Maryland, Arizona, Iowa, Indianapolis, Arizona and New York. Sample search linked, full listings pulled from FlexJobs
  16. Apple: At-home advisor and manager positions available.
  17. CVS Health: Various at-home positions from pharmacy tech to field technician.
  18. REI: Remote customer service agent positions at various locations.   
  19. Small Business Administration: Remote jobs available as part of disaster relief initiative.
  20. USAA: Risk analyst and customer service jobs available.

Learn SEO (for free)

  1. Moz Academy: Has a one-hour video introduction to SEO and robust resource library that you can search by topic.
  2. Hubspot Academy: Free SEO training course, also one hour long, consisting of 15 videos and 2 quizzes. There’s also multiple free SEO lessons from forming a content strategy to YouTube SEO. 
  3. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals and Search Engine Optimization Specialization by UC Davis on Coursera. Both aim to help you become an SEO expert and include practical learning and projects. 
  4. SEO Link Building Basics on Udemy: link-building is an important part of any SEO strategy. This course takes you through the basics so you can start boosting your site authority. 

Remote Work Job Boards 

I have shared remote work job boards that specialize in remote listings, as follows: 

  1. Remote.co
  2. Remotive.io
  3. LetsWorkRemotely.com
  4. PowertoFly.com
  5. Jobspresso.co
  6. MediaBistro.com
  7. Problogger.com
  8. LinkedIn.com
  9. HitMarker.com
  10. Pangian.com
  11. Skipthedrive.com

TikTok Helped Me Meet Shaun T.!

Thanks to the magic of TikTok, Shaun T. saw one of my videos and reached out. A few weeks later, I appeared as a guest on his show, the Trust and Believe Podcast.

Have a listen to learn more about my story and how I went from lawyer to full-time travel blogger.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!

Hispanic Heritage Month

Bentonville Content 

My Books

  1. 25 Ways to Work From Home: Learn about legitimate ways to make money online, no MLM’s included!
  2. The Affordable Flight Guide: Revealing my secrets for how I’ve landed deals like a $38 flight to New Zealand and $16 flight to Ecuador.
  3. The Solo Female Travel Book: Sharing tips on how I’ve traveled to more than 35 countries by myself. Don’t catch feelings, book plane tickets!
  4. You Need a Vacation! How to Travel With a Full-Time Job: Quick guide on how to get the most of your  limited vacation time

Learn from Me

  1. Self-Publishing Masterclass: Learn how to research the market for a self-published book and reverse engineer your way to a bestseller status. Use the code “BESTSELLERNOW” for $10 off.
  2. TikTok for Business: Learn how to use TikTok to market your business and grow your brand. These secrets helped me grow to more than 100k followers in less than 6 months! Use the code “TAKE10” for $10 off. 
  3. 30-Minute Private Business Consultation: Let’s talk about how to turn your digital presence into a full-time business.

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