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Meet Jen on a Jet Plane

Hello! I’m Jen, a solo female travel blogger and lawyer. Last year I took 20 trips in 12 months while employed full-time, and now I want to help you do the same.

Too many people put off seeing the world until they retire, save up a small fortune or find the perfect travel partner. That is a mistake. Those circumstances might never come to pass, and in the meantime the world is waiting.

If you want to travel for less, and experience more, then you’ve come to the right place!

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#1 Amazon Bestseller “The Affordable Flight Guide”

“If you are wondering (like I was) if this book is worth your time, then I DEFINITELY would say that it is. I learned more than I expected to learn. In fact, I started using some of [Jen’s] suggestions before I even finished reading it.” – Rebecca

“Highly recommend it! If you like to travel within a budget and make it count, this is the book for you.” – Allen

“I am so impressed by the thoroughness of this book! Jen offers real facts and actionable tips (along with her own experiences) that anyone can follow to score flights for cheap!” – Alejandra

“I loved this easy read so much I finished it all in one sitting even though I certainly wasn’t planning to when I started!” – Leah

Pick up your copy today!

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Watch my TEDx Talk

Whether you’re feeling lonely, overwhelmed or just in need of a change of pace, travel has the power to heal and transform you.

In my TEDx talk, I advocate using travel as the cure for what ails you. 

Learn how to start looking forward to your life again and make your own dreams come true. Have a listen, and share with anyone you think could use some self love and a plane ticket!

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