Just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada lies a whimsical art installation called Seven Magic Mountains. Like something out of Alice in Wonderland, these 7 pillars of rainbow colored rocks stand out amongst their desert landscape and have become a major point of interest for those coming and going from the city.

Unfortunately, the art installation is not permanent. If this is on your must-see list, you should start planning a trip to Vegas in the near future. Here’s everything you need to know to experience magic on your trip to Seven Magic Mountains.


What is Seven Magic Mountains?

Seven Magic Mountains is a sculpture installation by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. Each totem is 30-35 feet high and each boulder is locally sourced and painted. It’s been up for a little over a year now and is only scheduled to stay up for 2 years total.

For now, it’s uncertain if/when they’ll come down, with advocacy groups lobbying to make the installation permanent. Currently, it is undergoing restorations to make the colors better pop against the desert surroundings but is open to the public while work continues on the piece. 

Seven Magic Mountains Address and Directions

Seven Magic Mountains

You can stop by the site on your way into or out of Vegas. It’s located off Las Vegas Boulevard in Henderson, Nevada, about 20 minutes south of the city. If you need an address to plug into your GPS, use the following: S Las Vegas Blvd Sloan, NV 89054. I’m including directions below from the popular “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign to orient you further.

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to Seven Magic Mountains since it’s in the middle of the desert. You can take an Uber from the Strip and it’ll cost between $30-$50. It might be cheaper to rent a car for a day and combine this with other sites just outside the city, like Red Rock Canyon.

Is there any cost to enter?

Seven Magic Mountains

None! This is a public art installation so admission is my favorite price–free. There’s also free parking nearby so you can easily walk to the site. No money needed, just your camera.

Know before you go

Seven Magic Mountains

It is really windy here, with a lot of sand and dust blowing around. Be sure to bring sunglasses and be careful with your professional camera lenses.

There are no restrooms, food or water on the premises so plan accordingly. There is plenty of parking on site. 

This makes a great photo stop on a West Coast road trip in case you want to see some other national parks in the area. See it while you can and experience the magic for yourself!

Till next time, safe travels.


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Don't miss out on Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation outside of Las Vegas, Nevada for a limited time only!

Seven Magic Mountains is an outdoor art installation near Las Vegas, Nevada. Find out how to get to Seven Magic Mountains with this post. The sculptures are up for a limited time only, so visit Seven Magic Mountains soon,