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I Stayed at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp in Jordan and it Blew Me Away

I Stayed at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp in Jordan and it Blew Me Away

Want to stay in a luxurious glass dome in the Wadi Rum Desert? Then Memories Aicha Luxury Camp should be at the top of your bucket list.

I visited Jordan by myself and spent 10 days exploring the country.

This is one of the most unique vacation destinations in the world.

There are dozens of surrounding camps and bubble domes, but none reach the standard of luxury and opulence that Memories Aicha does. It truly sets the bar for all other accommodation in the area.

Here’s what you need to know to plan your visit.

Where is Memories Aicha?

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp is located in the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan.

Wadi Rum is a protected area. Only camps run by the local Bedouin people are allowed.

This is a favorite spot for Hollywood films, including Dune, Aladdin, Lawrence of Arabia, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That’s because the landscape looks like it’s out of this world.

It’s often used as a substitute for Mars.

This is one of the few remaining untouched places. There is no light pollution. You won’t find cell phone towers everywhere or buildings obstructing the view.

It looks much like it did thousands of years ago, and that’s part of the charm. Come here to escape the pace of a big city and destress.

How do you get from Petra to Memories Aicha?

Memories Aicha is about a 2-hour drive from Petra, the site of a World Wonder and Jordan’s most famous attraction.

Since Petra will require hiking, I recommend you do it first so you can relax in the domes after.

It is a straightforward car ride on highway roads. I had a private driver which allowed me to rest between stops and more easily navigate the region.

You can choose to rent a car, book a taxi, take a bus, or get a tour provider to transport you.

Note, you’ll have to go through a visitor’s center when you’re entering Wadi Rum and purchase a ticket for 5JD to enter the protected area. If you’re with a driver, you may have some difficulty and need to pay for them, too.

Memories Aicha sent someone to meet me at the visitor’s center upon arrival. They have their own transport van.

They can also arrange for you transport to/from Petra should you need assistance.

What activities can you do in the Wadi Rum desert?

A lot of people were curious how I spent my time in the desert.

You have options!

On-site, you can do a nearby hike up a mountain to get a view from above of the camp.

The owner is also a very talented photographer and provides free nighttime astrophotography to all guests who book through

This service was incredible because you could see the full range of stars, including the Milky Way Galaxy that looked like a cloud in the night sky.

Off-site, there are various activities with tour providers.

I went on a camel ride and desert jeep tour of the main attractions. My tour included making a fire and having tea at the end, it was lovely.

We also visited scenic overlooks and a natural bridge.

You can choose to do a sunset tour if you’re looking for epic pictures.

How much does Memories Aicha Luxury Camp cost?

Prices can range from $200-$600 a night depending on the type of room you pick, season, and demand.

There are luxury tents, and then there are panoramic luxury suites. I stayed in the most expensive suite and lucked out with pricing, only $200/night.

The suites are impeccably furnished, fit for royalty. The dome is made of glass, not plastic. It’s soundproof and sustainable.

From the fabrics to the chandelier, everything is high quality.

There are massive, custom made curtains that block out the light completely and open fully if you choose to look up at the stars at night.

During the day, your dome is covered with a reflective cover to deflect heat and keep it cool.

There is electricity in the tents and private bathrooms. Mine came complete with robe, slippers, and hair dryer.

There is also hot water and air conditioning, two of my favorite things.

There is also a kitchen and separate dining area. Dinner and breakfast are included in the price of the room and are buffet style.

I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings. They were varied and tasty, with the chefs serving you and making sure everything meets your needs.

Lunch is available with an a la carte menu.

The dining room is stunning, with a mountain serving as one of the walls and decorations like throw pillows, ornate metal lamps, and beautifully detailed artwork.

Does Memories Aicha have WiFi?

There is no WiFi or cell service. It’s just hard to get signal out there. Once a day, I drove out past a big mountain adjacent to the camp and caught a bar or two.

The camp can arrange all of your day trips and transportation for you, just let them know ahead of time.

You will need a converter. There are multiple outlets available and Jordan uses C, D, F, G and J plug types. Bring a universal converter to make sure you’re covered.

If you’re someone who needs entertainment, I recommend coming with something already downloaded on your phone or computer since streaming isn’t a possibility here.

I also recommend letting your friends and family know you may be off the grid for a bit so they don’t panic if they can’t reach you.

Bring a flashlight with you when you go, it’s crucial in order for you to get around after sunset since it’s pitch black.

Regarding attire, while you’re not around very many people I would still aim to be respectful of the local culture and cover your shoulders and knees.

There is no alcohol served on site.

Is Memories Aicha worth it?

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp is unlike any other place I’ve every stayed and I truly felt like I had the best experience possible in Wadi Rum.

I left here feeling really good, completely detoxed from the stressors of everyday life.

I would love to return with a romantic partner and recommend this to anyone celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon.

I met a woman during my stay who was celebrating a milestone birthday on her own — you can’t go wrong there either.

If you’re considering a trip to Jordan, a dome at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp should be the first thing you book.

Click here to book your stay.

Till next time, safe travels!

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izza yee

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

can i get the information of the private driver you booked? how days did you spend in the camp?

Travel Addicted Unicorn

Wednesday 14th of September 2022

I wanted to stay in one of those domes but the trip we booked only had the traditional Beduin tents available. Hopefully next time :)

Jen on a Jet Plane

Sunday 25th of September 2022

I'm sorry to hear that! They definitely book up far in advance. Great reason to come back :)