Hello there fellow budget travelers! Today I’m tackling the carry-on bag, one of the most essential pieces you’ll need for your upcoming trip, and how you can pack for one week in one carry-on bag allowance.

I prefer traveling with just a carry-on for several reasons. First, I have an unhealthy fear that my checked bag will get lost. I know, it’s unlikely, but the thought of being in a foreign country without my clothes, toiletries and clean underwear unnerves me.

Second, traveling with a carry-on only maximizes your time. With limited vacation days, I prefer to spend 20 minutes at a coffee shop in Paris, not at baggage carousel #2.

Finally, and most importantly, airlines are charging an arm and a leg these days for checked baggage. I prefer to take advantage of the limited airline freebies we’re still afforded.

That said, traveling with a carry-on only is not easy, especially when you’re a girl or you’re taking winter attire or going for longer than a weekend. But it can be done! Take my word for it, I’ve been all three.

Here are some trips to get you through as quickly and frugally as possible.


1) You get one carry-on and a personal item

I emphasis that “and” because the personal item you chose makes all the difference. I personally have a weekender bag that I purchased at the TripAdvisor Store through one of their promotions and it is absolutely perfect. It fits underneath the seat in front of you and the material has some give so you can squeeze in extra souvenirs if need be.

Definitely leave that tiny purse tucked away and don’t squander your personal item. Backpacks are an excellent choice as well since they’re malleable and can fit under the seat in front of you if need be.

Not to mention, when it comes time to check a bag if the overhead bins are full, airline staff looks for rolling luggage instead of backpacks.

2) Embrace the magic of space saver bags 

I purchased space saver bags on Amazon knowing I was going to need to pack winter attire and couldn’t afford the bulk. They were a lifesaver! I didn’t need a vacuum or anything like that, they worked just by squeezing the air out of vents at the bottom.

This is a great way to condense your clothes and free up twice the space. They come in different sizes and last for multiple uses.

Those who are fond of organization should consider getting packing cubes. They are an easy way to keep your clothes separate and easy to access instead of having to dig around a suitcase.  

Don’t have space saver bags? Roll your clothes and pack them in tightly. It condenses them and saves more space than just folding them. 

3) Beware outside pockets

You want to avoid making outside pockets bulge by cramming extra things into them, since this makes it harder for your bag to fit into an overhead compartment.

Many international flights don’t actually have gate check, so your bag could end up heading towards the dreaded baggage claim if you can’t make the overhead work.

If you must use the outside compartments, save them for flat souvenirs like postcards or smaller things like your toothbrush.

Pack round or bulkier items into smarter places, like your shoes.

4) Pack wisely

Don’t bring your own blanket for an international flight–they usually provide those. If you must bring a pillow, make it compact and attach it just outside your personal item.

Don’t waste valuable space inside your bag on a bulky pillow, always get a pillow that can clip and hang onto your bag. Packing light can save you a lot of time and hassle on your trip.

Scope out the weather ahead of time. In most cases you shouldn’t need more than one hat/pair of gloves/scarf. Wear your boots instead of packing them; pack flip-flops or flats.

Check to see if your lodging provides a hairdryer and avoid bringing your own. You may want to bring snacks for the trip.

Keep everything you want and absolutely need (not including clothes and shoes) in your personal item, just in case you need to check your bag for any reason. Sometimes, no matter how well you pack, smaller planes just can’t hold roll-aboards.

5) Wear all your heaviest and bulkiest things

Got a coat? Knee high boots? Wear them, at least to board and depart the plane, in order to avoid the extra weight/space in your carry on.

I usually wear a light outer jacket and my wool winter jacket on board, along with any winter accessories in the pockets.

Don’t fret, there’s always a way to get all your essentials overseas without paying the equivalent of an airline ticket for your bag.


Till next time, safe travels!

Need to pack for one week in one carry-on bag? These packing tips will have you on your way to traveling with a carry-on only. Travel wisely with these smart packing hacks and packing tips for vacations! Save to your travel board for future reference.   Need to pack for one week in one carry-on bag? These packing tips will have you traveling comfortably with a carry-on only. Travel wisely with these smart packing hacks and packing tips for vacations! Save to your travel board for future reference.


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