Discover Dali: Day Trip to Cadaqués, Spain

Discover Dali: Day Trip to Cadaqués, Spain

Once you’re finished at the Dali Theatre/Museum, Cadaqués is less than an hour away and well worth the visit. In fact, this place is so stunning that I was originally going to write just one Discover Dali post, but Cadaqués is gorgeous enough to warrant its own discussion.

To get here, you have to go through winding mountain roads. Take your time, there is no rush. I was in a hurry because I read that if you were not on time for your pre-booked Dali house tour, they would start without you and not accommodate you otherwise (the tours are limited to 8 people every 15 minutes, led by a staff member through the home). I erred on the side of caution and arrived early, but found my fretting was all for naught. The staff was very welcoming and, since we arrived early, they put us on an earlier visit.

Note that I was there in January, not during peak season, and your experience might be different in the middle of summer. Still, something about this area struck me as a hakuna matata kind of place. Maybe it was the insanely tranquil waters or clean air that made you feel like there was nothing bad on earth. Nothing at all, ever.



The tour of the house is worthwhile and gives you insight into man behind the Dali legend, and his relationship with Gala. They had an obsession with swans, stuffed animals (like, real ones) and eggs. Oh, and clocks. Because it all came down to a shared human fear of aging and wanting to hold on to the one you love forever. What at first glance appears strange is really quite beautiful once you understand the symbolism behind Dali’s works.


View from Dali’s studio (above).



The most personal part of the home, and what I could have spent hours observing, were all the original photographs, hung up by Dali and Gala of their life together. Truly, what a pair!

img_1377 img_1393 img_1391 img_1380

If life is a fragile and ever-elusive thing, these two really made an effort to seize it for all it’s worth.

Once you’re done touring the home, you’re released onto the premises on your own. You can spend as much time as you like here. There’s a random rubbish statue thins in the ground, a lovely lookout adorned with–you guessed it–an egg. There’s a backyard and pool area with big lips as couches and a random phone booth. There’s also a movie you can watch in a separate screening area. It’s all very entertaining, and Dali puts you in a playful sort of mood.

img_1556img_1611img_1617 img_1622img_1468

At the end of the day, this was one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited, and it gave me valuable insight into a man that so few understand. If you are a fan of Salvador Dali, or of art and nature in general, then you can’t leave Barcelona without making a visit to Cadaqués. It’s a must-see!img_1634 img_1644

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